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The African Journal of Law, Ethics and Education is a peer reviewed Journal which sets out to deepen research and scholarship opportunities within and outside the continent of Africa. The Journal aims at deepening the values of young academics towards the promotion of legal ethics and education in order to bridge the Trans – generational gaps and encourage young minds within the African Continent to join in promotion of legal research for African economic and political development.

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Restoration of the ethical values of research and learned writing in Africa. The Journal serves to bridge Trans – generational gaps in research for the upcoming generations of academics and researches within and outside Africa. Promotion of scholarship in law, legal ethics and legal education. Promotion of legal discourse within the African community of scholars. Exploring opportunities available in legal research.

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MODFAIT LEGAL CONSULT is a Consulting and Research Firm devoted solely to ensuring the trans-generational passage of values in the field of law, ethics and education to the present and future generation of scholars. Disturbed by the dwindling value system and ethical obligations of lawyers in Africa and especially in Nigeria, the Law Firm seeks to ensure sustenance of the ethics and values of the legal profession in Africa towards African economic and political developments. As a result, the Editorial Board of the AFRICAN JOURNAL OF LAW, ETHICS AND EDUCATION [ISSN 2756 – 6870] is currently accepting scholarly and well-researched papers in the field of Law, Ethics and Education for publication in the Second Issue of Volume 1 of the African Journal of Law, Ethics and Education.

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